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Open Bus


The above outstanding OPEN BUS services of TheSinhtourist located together with its hotel accommodations, restaurants, representative offices located around Vietnam and Cambodia provide travelers with an new interesting mode of travel: OPEN TOUR.

OPEN TOUR means a tour that allows you to go where and when you want by OPEN BUS of TheSinhTourist, stay where you like as long as you wish at any hotel that suits you (TheSinhTourist hotel for example or any other hotel you like), sightsee what is of your interest, eat where and what you love to do … TheSinhTourist guarantee daily departure of OPEN BUS. 


What is an OPEN BUS ticket?

At TheSinhTourist, we have buses going from the south to the north of Vietnam and vice versa daily.  As the result, we created a hop-on and hop-off bus system for travelers to explore Vietnam at their own pace.

All segments (journeys) on the ticket will have an OPEN departure date so that you can arrive at one city and stay there as long as you want until you move to the next city. By confirming your ticket at our offices, your seat will be reserved for the next segment.

Where does OPEN BUS go?


These are our stops and you can choose how many segments you want to take. Prices vary depending on how many stops.

Kindly keep in mind that NHATRANG, HOIAN and HUE is a major transit hub and you will need to pass through here in order to reach the next city

Also noting that your first and your last segment has to be from/at HOCHIMINH, HUE or HANOI

Where can you buy the OPEN BUS ticket?

The OPEN BUS ticket is available to purchase at our offices in three locations:
  1. HOCHIMINH: 246 - 248 De Tham St., District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  2. HUE: 38 Chu Van An St., Phu Hoi Ward, Hue City
  3. HANOI: 64 Tran Nhat Duat St., Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi City
Kindly note our other offices do not offer OPEN BUS tickets

What is the cost of OPEN BUS ticket?

What are the terms and conditions?

The ticket is valid for one month from the date of purchase

Shall your travel date fall on blackout periods, you will need to purchase the additional normal standard ticket and pay for the difference between the OPEN BUS ticket and the standard ticket. If you wish not to incur any additional charges, you can do that by waiting until the blackout periods finish to continuing with your journey.

Seats are subject to availability and should no seats be available, you will be transported on the next available OPEN BUS

Seats are open for reserving one day before the departure date.

OPEN BUS tickets are non refundable and non amendment on segments.

Why should you use the OPEN BUS ticket?

It is substantially cheaper than the normal standard tickets bundling together

It offers a flexible option to explore Vietnam without incurring any extra costs on transportation

Our buses are clean, new and efficient

Our stops are always at the city centre thus it is very easy to find everything close by i.e. accommodations, restaurants, supermarkets etc.

How to buy an OPEN BUS ticket?

First, you need to decide where you want to start and end your journey

For example, you start in Saigon and you want your journey to end in Hanoi then the next step is you decide how many stops in between such as do you want to stop in Mui Ne, Dalat or Danang etc.

The price will be varied according to how many stops you need so let's pick the simplest ticket HOCHIMINH – NHATRANG – HOIAN – HUE – HANOI

Second, you need to choose the departure time for your segments (please be assured that your departure date is still OPEN, here you are just required to pick your departure time)

HOCHIMINH – NHATRANG TheSinhTourist's buses run twice a day, one in the morning at 7:15AM and one in the evening at 8:00PM, picking your departure time at the time of buying is required and should you wish to change your departure time later on, you can do so subject to seat availability and fare conditions. Say you pick HOCHIMINH – NHATRANG 8:00PM

NHATRANG – HOIAN TheSinhTourist's buses run once a day so there is no need of picking

HOIAN – HUE TheSinhTourist's buses run twice a day (8:30AM and 1:15PM), here again you need to tell us what time is suitable for you to take the bus. Say you pick HOIAN – HUE 8:30AM

HUE – HANOI TheSinhTourist's buses run once a day so there is no need of picking

That's it! You have created a successful OPEN BUS ticket just like that.

Then you just need to relay the same information above to our staffs at the offices and we will create a correct OPEN BUS ticket catering exactly to your need



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