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Rules for passenger luggage

Rules for passenger luggage

1. Free luggage allowance limit for one passenger is one or two bags having a total weight of less than 20kg to be put in the bus storage compartment and one handbag less than 7kg. Your luggage shall be classified as excess luggage if it exceeds the permitted number of bags, total weight or demensions. Excess luggage shall be registered with TheSinhTourist and an additional charge will apply. Luggage shall not be bulky. Passenger luggage must be safe and must not contain explosives, firearms, compressed gas, flammable solids/liquids, illegal substance. Animal, durian, salted fishes or any substance causing unpleasant odour are not allowed on bus.

2. Passengers are responsible for keeping and looking after their handbag and valuables e.g. money, jewellery, camera, laptop, etc. on their trips. Passengers shall be cautious and think of ways of presenting theft and loss of their belongings, especially when taking an overnight bus. Passengers shall not leave their bags or other valuables unattended.

3. TheSinhTourist will not be liable for loss or damage to passenger luggage or to any possessions of the passenger unless such a loss or damage is caused by negligence on the part of TheSinhTourist; and, in the event of TheSinhTourist being liable for loss or damage under this clause, its compensation liability in such case shall be limited to the sum of VND1,000,000 per bag, with a maximum of VND2,000,000 for one passenger. The TheSinhTourist will not be liable for any monetary loss and valuables whatsoever. TheSinhTourist recommends passengers to ensure that they have proper insurance if their luggage and personal property are worth more than this. Loss of luggage or personal property must be notified immediately to TheSinhTourist.

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